Free anti-bullying workshops that are totally ‘Wicked’

A free, on-demand anti-bullying workshop has been launched by the cultural and social education programme for the London production of Wicked the musical, Wicked Active Learning.

Focusing on themes central to the story of Wicked, including self-esteem, discrimination, and identity, the 30-minute workshop experience has been created in collaboration with the production’s official workshop provider, Starling Arts, and the Anti-Bullying Alliance.

Led by Anna Shields and Emily Garsin from Starling Arts, the interactive workshop is suitable for KS2 and supports PSHE and citizenship teaching and anti-bullying strategies.

The story of Wicked focuses on the journey of two unlikely friends, Elphaba (later known as the Wicked Witch of the West) and Glinda (later known as Glinda the Good), and how their friendship develops with their differences. It focuses on standing up for what you believe in.

Michael McCabe, executive producer of Wicked in the UK, said: “We’re very proud to launch this free anti-bullying Workshop experience to support PSHE and Citizenship teaching and anti-bullying strategies. 

“Filmed on stage at the Apollo Victoria Theatre and developed with the Anti-Bullying Alliance and our official workshop provider, Starling Arts, we’re pleased to make this Key Stage 2 resource freely available to every school in the UK via our Wicked Active Learning education programme.”

Martha Evans, director of the Anti-Bullying Alliance, said: “Amidst the vibrant tapestry of Wicked’s narrative lies a powerful message: the journey towards acceptance, empowerment, and friendship. 

“As director of the Anti-Bullying Alliance, I am pleased to see our partnership with Wicked materialise into a free, on-demand anti-bullying workshop for schools to use. 

“By weaving themes of Wicked into this educational anti-bullying experience, we aim to empower students to stand tall against bullying in all its forms.”

Anna Shields and Emily Garsin from Starling Arts said: “Starling Arts is honoured to play a part alongside Wicked Active Learning in equipping students with the knowledge and tools to combat bullying. 

“This on-demand digital workshop complements our official Wicked in-person workshops, which bring the world of Wicked into schools and youth groups across the country.”

Official in-person anti-bullying, wellbeing, and musical theatre workshop experiences are additionally deliverable in schools or central London venues, hosted by experienced practitioners from Starling Arts. The wellbeing workshop is adaptable for teachers and school staff. 

For further information and free, no-obligation quotes, contact the Wicked Active Learning education team at

An additional KS2 PSHE classroom resource, Be a Wicked Friend, has also recently been added to the extensive selection of free teaching and learning resources available via the website:

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