Future Forum promotion at West Derby School

Future Forum is an annual event that aims to bring together a wide range of views in order to discuss the Bank’s role in serving society.

This year, the Future Forum was hosted by the city of Liverpool, with many secondary schools hosting talks from key leaders and governors from The Bank of England.

As West Derby are in partnership with the UK education charity, Speakers for Schools, they were nominated to host a talk from Sir Jon Cunliffe, the deputy governor of the Bank of England.

The visit was a huge success with the students involved getting fully immersed in the activities provided by the visitors.

Mr Cunliffe worked particularly close with the schools A-level business students, offering an eye-opening workshop on economy growth and economic development.

Students were also given the opportunity to discuss the finances of the UK and ask questions regarding the country’s decision to leave the European Union.

Sir Jon Cunliffe said: “I really enjoyed my visit to West Derby School. There was great energy and real interest in what the Bank of England does. Some of the questions were pretty challenging.

“Thanks to all the students I met for their enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity and to the staff for their time and looking after us so well.”

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