Get Ready for 2023 with Evaluate-Ed

On Wednesday 30 November, Evaluate-Ed hosted a huge event at Old Trafford Stadium in Manchester, co-sponsored by Opogo. 

Evaluate-Ed is a school improvement platform that offers an online SEF, live school improvement planner, and bespoke reports that support schools and ensure that they are up to date with safeguarding, SEND provision, Ofsted preparation, and much more. It also has an incredible range of consultants, including Sir Paul Grant, to support schools’ journeys. 

Opogo provides the education sector with a professional, supportive community where people can connect, work and thrive together, supporting schools with their supply teaching needs and educators with accessing roles.

The event, Education 2023: Fasten Your Seatbelts, aimed to assist schools from across the UK with their plans for getting off to a ‘winning start’ in 2023 with keynote speakers and innovators offering unique and innovative approaches to this. 

The all-star line-up included outstanding headteacher of Parklands School, Chris Dyson, Sir John Jones who is a world leading educational speaker, experienced senior leader, Dympna Woods, Micky Mellon, an author, speaker and EFL manager, and Chair of Foundation for Education Development, Carl Ward. 

Attendees were also able to meet leading people who are passionate about supporting schools throughout 2023, such as Andy Reid, a war hero who now speaks to schools about resilience and fortitude. 

Phil Denton, CEO of Evaluate-Ed & Director, Opogo, said: “It’s been a great day to meet so many educators in an iconic venue. The speakers have been uplifting and their message is compelling. There is so much enthusiasm and passion for this profession and vocation. 

“We have to harness this if we have any hope of turning the tide on the recruitment and retention crisis. I’d like to really thank the delegates and speakers for making this a really special day. In 2023, challenges will continue to arise, but if we work collaboratively, we can support each other and make sure we address the key issues faced in education.” 

Justyn Randall, CEO of Opogo, added: “Working across the country with educators, I saw a special group of people today who took time out of their week to celebrate their profession and seek out new ideas and networks to advance education in this country. 

“I would really urge all leaders and educators to find your tribe and feed off their energy to keep you on the right path to make a difference in the lives of our students.” 

Pete Emmett, Compere, said on the day: “It’s a different gig for me today. I usually work in sport really, but working with people from schools, colleges and universities was a real pleasure. People made me feel so welcome and even laughed at my jokes! I was left feeling like the education of our young people is in safe hands.” 

Evaluate-Ed and Opogo delivered a successful day that left guests feeling inspired, informed and with a plan to get their schools off to a great start next year. 

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