Giant ambitions

This summer the ‘Giants’ came to Newsham Park and the Academy of St Francis of Assisi celebrated this momentous occasion with a week of special lessons culminating in a spectacular World War I ‘street party’.
In July the academy, which is built inside the park, collapsed its normal timetable as the students and staff got ready to welcome the giants with a host of events.
Students learned all about the early days of the war; the hopes of a nation on the brink of its first major conflict for more than 50 years, the excitement of the youngest generations as they prepared for the adventure of a lifetime and the fears of those they were leaving behind that perhaps it might not be ‘over by Christmas’ as everyone expected.
The culmination of these special lessons was a street party to celebrate the men enlisting for the war.
Local ward councillors, community residence groups, representatives from the Liverpool PALs battalions and local primary school children all attended.

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