Grab and go

St Cuthbert’s Catholic High School embarked on a week-long celebration of healthy eating, cooking and drinking, food provenance and being active, involving the whole community.

The Summer health festival saw students rise to five challenges over as many days, aimed at breaking down the barriers to a healthy lifestyle.

The challenges began with a healthy ‘grab and go’ breakfast taster for all students, which demonstrated just how important the most important meal of the day is, and that a healthy breakfast can still be a tasty one.

Students were also treated to some refreshing alternatives to sugary drinks and pop, with fruit and herb-infused waters, aimed at getting young people to drink plenty.

Later in the week the lunchtime menu was given a healthy twist, with a five-a-day fruit and vegetables challenge.

Students across the school stretched their legs and also burnt some calories on a mile-long run around the grounds.

The celebrations culminated on Friday with an off-curriculum day, including music and dancing, taste and mental health sessions, discussions about food in other cultures and a healthy barbecue to reward the students for their efforts.

Mrs Catherine Twist, headteacher of St Cuthbert’s, said: “By following the five challenges through a range of fun and memorable activities across the curriculum, each student will develop core skills and knowledge around food, diet and physical activity. Even I took to the smoothie bike during the week and the fruits of my labours were healthy drinks that the staff and students really enjoyed!”

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