Graduation success

Sefton Children’s University celebrated another successful year with over 1550 students graduating at Edge Hill University!
The magnificent setting hosted 12 ceremonies for the 38 primary schools and two high schools who participated in the programme.
All graduates had reached the CU milestones by the end of their key stage in order to receive their certificate, having taken part in voluntary learning.  The certificates recognised students from the bronze award for 30 hours of learning right the way up to 1000 hours, the doctorate level.
In total, graduates of 2015 had notched up over 200,000 hours of extra-curricular learning, from after-school clubs to visiting one of our many learning destinations with their ‘Passport to Learning’.
Laura Grigsby, Children’s University manager, said: “Congratulations to all our graduates of 2015 – you have made yourself, your school and your family very proud.
“Thanks to our sponsors, Southport Rugby Football Club for their continued support”.

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