Greenbank Primary School learn the Power of Reading

Pupils from Greenbank Primary School, in Mossley Hill, are being taught using the power of reading approach as part of its new dedicated literacy focus.

The Power of Reading project teaches literacy through the use of high-quality books and creative teaching approaches, such as art and drama. It aims to capture children’s enthusiasm and enable them to deepen their understanding of texts and provides a meaningful context for writing.

Pupils are exploring and discussing a range of texts through creative activities and are being tasked with writing in a variety of genres as part of the unit. For example, writing a letter in role as a character or writing a newspaper recount about events. The approach works hand in hand with Talk for Writing, which is already embedded across the school.

More focus is also being given to reading aloud as children often echo what they have read aloud in their own writing. It is being encouraged in classrooms and at home, through parent workshops and assemblies.

Other activities include responding to illustrations through art, drama, reading aloud in front of the class, bookmaking and much more. Classroom reading environments will be also be improved over the next few weeks.

Headteacher, Debi Wrigley, said: “Reading is such an important aspect in education and our Power of Reading project certainly nurtures the pupils and develops their confidence in reading out loud.

“By incorporating other areas such as art and drama, it provides a cohesive learning structure within the school and children are embracing the activities the programme entails.”

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