Hands-on engineering

St Edmund Arrowsmith School in Whiston and Beverston Engineering have become part of a funded project by Knowsley Council to help improve young people’s employability skills and raise awareness of local employer’s expectations and opportunities in various sectors.
Andrew Chestnutt, subject leader for technology at St Edmund’s, said: “As part of the project we paid a visit to Beverston to enable students to make a direct link between what is taught in the classroom and it’s application in a real working environment.
“This was a fantastic experience for the students and gave them more of an insight into how diverse engineering as a sector is.
“Thanks to the visit I am sure that hearing the language and terminology used in context has increased their understanding and will positively impact on the students’ results.”
Rod Wah from Beverston Engineering kindly showed two groups of Year 10 students around his factory and delivered a presentation to them about the manufacturing engineering industry to raise their awareness of growth and job opportunities in the sector.

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