Headteacher Talk: Chris Davey, Blessed Sacrament Catholic Primary School

One thing I wished I had learned at school:
Is actually two things that I’d love to be able to do properly now. The first is to be able to speak spanish fluently. I would love to use it well when I go on holiday with my family as we go to a lot of spanish speaking countries. I learned french when in school but didn’t learn it well enough to have been a fluent french speaker and I’ve now forgotten most of what I did know! The second is to have learned to play the guitar really well. I’d love to have the skill to be able to play it in assemblies with the children in school, with my children at home or to be able to play the music I am into! But…… it doesn’t mean that I can’t do both in the future if I make the time.

The book I haven’t read that I must:
There’s quite a few that I haven’t got round to yet, but one that I’d like to make the time to read is ‘Steven Gerrard – My Story’. I am an avid Liverpool fan and Stevie is an idol of mine. He’s a local lad who stood on the kop as a fan who then became a European Cup winning captain for his boyhood team. That would have been my dream as a little boy too – and he was lucky enough to actually do it! I’ve got the book, I just need to sit down and make a start.

The education story that has caught my eye:
Potentially…. here we go again with changes to the education system as this week there has been another cabinet reshuffle! Out goes Justine Greening and in comes Damian Hinds. Upon being appointed he tweeted: “looking forward to working with the great teachers and lecturers in our schools, colleges and universities giving people the opportunities to make the most of their lives.” I hope that he can work with us in tackling some of the current major issues and pressures we face without tinkering around with education too much – always keeping the children at the heart of any decision making!

What I am most proud of about our school:
Where do I start? I’m head of the biggest primary school in Liverpool and therefore we have so much to celebrate simply because we offer and do so much, not just in the classroom but beyond it too. At times, I think we underestimate the lengths we go to and that makes me very proud of everyone on our staff team. But the thing I am most proud about is our children – they are amazing and are full of character. They choose to be very well behaved, they are polite, they work hard, they are a joy to teach and they make Blessed Sacrament a great place to be each and every day!

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