International week

Every year at Litherland High School the week before Easter has always been International Week.

Pupils and staff have taken part in all kinds of different activities over the years from Chinese lion dancing, staff zumba and Tai Chi classes and plenty of international games! This year they thought they would take it a step further! The whole of Year 7 and 8 spent two and half days working towards their very own International Market!

They created their very own currency the ‘Livo’, and the target was to become the group who could make the most livos! Pupils spent the first day learning about the different continents and some of the customs, this included South American dancing and earning livos to spend in the market by completing different activities! The second day was production day!

Each class was given a box of items to make things which represented their continent. Each group had to assign a project manager and other roles within the group.

The last day was market day! The Avenue was transformed into a bustling market place with 13 shops all trying to sell their goods!

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