Katarina Johnson-Thompson

Educate Magazine is focusing on the Olympics 2012 and our Olympic hopefuls, this issue we talk to Halewood born heptathlete Katarina Johnson-Thompson from Liverpool who is already World Junior Heptathlon Champion and she has only recently turned 18.

Her coach Mike Holmes says that she shows more promise than Jessica Ennis and Dame Kelly Holmes.
Katarina is an Ambassador for the Wells Sport Foundation who are also her sponsors.

Katarina has been winning heptathlons and individual events within the UK for several years, moving onto the world stage by becoming the World Youth Heptathlon.

Katarina’s goal is to make the team for 2012 Olympics. Katarina is confident – barring injuries – of Olympic selection which will be announced after the European Championships in September.

My School:
St Marks Catholic Primary School and St Julies Secondary School.

My Favourite Teacher:
I had two really – Mr Coakley and Mr Willis

My Favourite Subject at School:
I loved all the subjects in Year 7, but then it gradually whittled down to P.E. (of course!) and English! Or the ‘bring in a toy day’ in primary school

Were you streetwise or a bit of a geek?
I suppose I was a bit of a mix between them both

My Favourite Childhood Singer/Band:
I remember that I cried when Gareth Gates lost to Will Young in Pop Idol

My Favourite Extra-Curricular Activity:
Athletics, Comedy shows, Music gigs and seeing friends

Do you remember your first school crush?
That would have to be Gareth Gates

My Favourite Book:
Russell Brands Autobiography(s)

School Dinners:
I liked the potatoes that are shaped into smiley faces, but I was a packed lunch sort of person

My Ambitions at School:
I always wanted to be a spy!

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