Keeping on top of recycling

When staff and students at St Margaret’s Church of England Academy (SMA) were asked to collect old bottle tops, of all colours and sizes, nobody truly envisioned just what would be achieved from the collection.
Whilst everyone knew they were to be used for an activity at the summer school as part of a day of “Amazing Art” no one knew just what a striking final piece of artwork they would create.
The day-long project was masterminded by Stephanie Davidson and her team in the art department and every staff member and student at SMA were stunned at the final outcome.
Stephanie Davidson said: “There was an obvious theme of environmental awareness and looking after our planet, the students considered their responsibility in this.
“Overall it was a practical day encompassing elements of design technology and harnessing each person’s creativity.
“The result is this colourful piece which every student has contributed to which was shown to families at the summer school celebration.
“The school will then make this a permanent art installation, announcing a powerful message to the whole school community.
“The hardest part now, is deciding just where this can be positioned to have pride of place within the school environment”.

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