Kindle launch

Reading is an essential keystone of the KS3 and KS4 English offered at St Michael’s C of E High School, Crosby.

Schemes of work encourage students to read widely in fiction: prose, poetry and drama both contemporary and from the literary heritage and also in non-fiction: travel writing, autobiography and diaries.

Headteacher, Dr Simon J Hulme, said: “We encourage the reading of complete works with all classes, rather than relying solely on extracts.

“All Key Stage 3 English lessons begin with a period of uninterrupted, sustained, silent reading. Students are encouraged to have a book with them at all times.

“This routine is now well established and enjoyed by the majority of those we surveyed this year.

“To support this ethos, the school has invested in providing Kindles for the entire Year 7 cohort this year.

“The Kindle is an e-book reader and enables students to access books, newspapers, magazines and blogs electronically.

“It is a light, easily carried device that will enhance the students’ reading experience, enabling them to access a wide and vibrant choice of books.”

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