Knowsley holds first ever Schools Climate Change Summit

Young people from across Knowsley came together for the first ever Knowsley Schools Climate Change Summit, following the borough’s declaration of a Climate Change Emergency.

The event was hosted at a secondary school in Knowsley, with pupils and teachers from every school in the borough invited to come together and hear about how they can make a difference to the environment – now and in the future.

At the summit, they heard from Cllr Shelley Powell, Knowsley’s cabinet member for communities and neighbourhoods who spoke about the urgent challenge facing the world and the actions Knowsley Council will be taking to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040 – ten years ahead of the Government target.

Pupils gave a powerful presentation outlining the actions they have already begun to take in school and urging others in Knowsley to follow their lead. Their message was one of hope – that by taking action now, it is possible to tackle the threat of climate change.

The summit also played an inspirational film featuring young people from two Kirkby Schools. It then invited all attendees to return to their schools and homes and ask themselves: what more could we be doing to help Knowsley act on climate change?

Progress is already being made in Knowsley – the Council has successfully reduced carbon emissions from its estate and services by 36% since 2009. Meanwhile borough wide carbon emissions have also fallen – by 28% in the same time. But the Declaration of a Climate Change Emergency acknowledges that there is much more still to be done.

Cllr Shelley Powell said: “The future of our climate is such a serious issue that it is unthinkable that we should do anything other than take action now to ensure we reverse or prevent the worst case scenarios predicted by scientists.

“It is really important that our young people are completely engaged and involved in how we do this, as their generation will have a key role to play in our response to this emergency.

“But today’s message was very much one of hope, and positivity – there is such a strong willingness to take action and make a difference, and with that on our side, we can work together to meet our ambitious target.”

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