Life’s Big Questions for students

With the autumn school term in full swing, have a look at some of company Dreamachine’s educational activities for schoolchildren.

Life’s Big Questions is an interactive quiz for students aged 7+.

The series of interactive activities requires no preparation and is perfect for form time, assemblies or full lessons.

Illusions, engaging video explainers and the chance for pupils to join in and compare their responses with other children across the UK is all included in this exciting activity.

Martin Dougan, from CBBC Newsround, hosts the series.

Thousands of pupils have already taken part in Life’s Big Questions.

Together explore questions such as:

  • If you could pause time, what would you do?
  • If you could see anything in the world, what would it be?
  • How does your favourite colour make you feel?

Take part in Life’s Big Questions here.

Victor Guerro, curriculum lead in creative arts at Hillyfield Primary Academy, said: “Life’s Big Questions takes you on a journey of knowledge and curiosity…it is a great way to spark wonder and learn new concepts.

” Dreamachine has gone above and beyond and has given us the opportunity to develop art and science skills unimaginable for the primary curriculum but essential for children.”

The programme has also developed over 30 lesson plans for students (ages 5-13).

These lesson plans offer a variety of exciting ways for schools to engage with important themes such as wellbeing, citizenship and STEAM.

Download the lesson plans for free here.

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