Liverpool Anglican Cathedral hosts Year 6 leavers’ service


Liverpool Anglican Cathedral was a sea of colour today as hundreds of schoolchildren attended the Diocesan School Leavers’ Service for year 6 pupils.

A procession of colourful banners held proudly by the children made its way from the Well of the Cathedral through the Nave before a service was held to mark pupils’ transition from Primary to Secondary School.

During an energetic and entertaining ceremony, workers from local charity Y Kids led the children in song and dance before Christian Aid staff talked about the merits of charitable work.

Readings and prayers were also made by a number of schoolchildren and a pupil from each school hung a prayer on a cow-themed prayer tree which supported Christian Aid’s ‘Moove over Poverty’ campaign.

The Bishop of Liverpool, The Rt Revd Paul Bayes, closed the ceremony by leading the procession back to the Well but not before he led the congregation through a series of celebrations which included Usian Bolt’s ‘lightning’ celebration and Mo Farah’s ‘Mobot’.


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