Liverpool Blue Coat School appoints new headteacher

The Blue Coat School’s new headteacher Ms Yates has pledged to create the best possible learning experience for students. Her priorities will focus on the well-being of students and staff, working with other city organisations and introducing cutting-edge teaching strategies based on the school’s existing high quality learning experience.  

She said: “I am thrilled, privileged and excited to be appointed as headteacher of the Liverpool Blue Coat School. Having worked closely with our staff over the last 16 months as interim headteacher it is now wonderful to build on our achievements.  

“Blue Coat is an excellent school full of capable and talented staff and students. I am looking forward to working alongside all the groups within the Blue Coat community to provide the very best holistic learning experience for our students.  

“One of my top priorities is to support staff and students’ well-being as we come to the end of the second academic year of disrupted education because of the COVID health crisis, when many people have faced new and unexpected challenges.   

“We must put measures in place to ensure all members of our school community are back on track when we start again in September. On the positive side, lockdown has made us aware of new ways of learning which will enhance our future. My vision is to work with others to make an excellent school even better and become exceptional.”   

Ms Yates who has been interim headteacher since December 2019, started her education career as a religious studies teacher in one of Birmingham’s biggest comprehensive schools. After working in several other West Midlands comprehensive schools, she became assistant head at a Warwickshire comprehensive and was then appointed deputy head at Blue Coat School, in September 2016, as part of a relocation.     

She said: “Students are students whichever school you work in. All students, in every school, deserve the very best high-quality teaching, alongside excellent pastoral care to support the tough challenges they may face. Being deputy head for pastoral care has equipped me well for the broader role of head, which also involves creating the strategic vision for the school.  

“It is our responsibility to provide a rounded education for our students. Blue Coat has done well in the last few years to improve its personal development and pastoral care provision that supports teaching and learning. I am committed to promoting an even more inclusive culture, where every member of our community believes that they matter and truly belong.”   

She is also keen to work with the wider community such as other educational organisations, and local and national schools across our city.

She said: “I am looking forward to working collaboratively with others to support student experience and outcomes, as well as staff development. This is underpinned by strong values of mutual respect, equality of opportunity and a positive regard for all.”   

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