Making a difference at Kensington Primary School

Kensington Primary School have been celebrating the opening of their new school library.

The school has championed reading for pleasure and wanted a new and exciting space for children to be able to go to spend time enjoying their favourite story or investigate what was new to read.

The library was opened by their reading partners Helen Moss and the Under 18 Liverpool Football Club Academy players.

Headteacher Mrs Davies, said: “The opening was a great success and we are so happy that our children have this special inspiring place to read.

“We are extremely lucky to have author Helen Moss as our patron of reading who visits our school regularly throughout the year. She will recommend books for the children to read and also inspires them to delve into books to find exciting and adventurous stories.

“We also have a long standing reading partnership with the LFC Academy. The Academy players come into school and read with children of all ages to ensure that they have positive reading role models.

“This partnership has helped raise the profile of reading in our school and this has been particularly inspirational for the boys”.

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