Merseyside goes back to school

Merseyside is preparing to go back to school as part of a national campaign to inspire current students to success.
Former state school students across the region will take part in Back to School Week run by the education charity Future First between October 13th to 18th which will highlight the role volunteers can play in motivating state students to academic success and career confidence.
Future First is asking Merseyside’s workers – from plumbers to musicians, photographers to nurses, lawyers to accountants – to sign up to support their old school.
Future First works in more than 10 per cent of state secondary schools and colleges across Britain, including many in the Merseyside area, enabling schools to harness the talents of former students as mentors, work experience providers, career and education role models and as volunteer governors, donors and fundraisers.
Private schools and universities have harnessed the talents of alumni for many years, but the idea has never been embedded in the state sector until now.
To register your school with Future First or to sign up to support your old state school
Back to School Week runs from October 13th to 18th 2014.

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