New judge joins the panel

The Educate Awards has confirmed a new judge will be joining the esteemed panel for 2020.

Tim Lane, senior lecturer in geography and programme leader for climate change at Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU), will bring with him a wealth of knowledge and in particular, be able to judge entries that relate to the environment and climate change based on his own experiences and expertise.

During his career, Tim has conducted research that focuses on reconstructing the behaviour of glaciers and ice sheets across the Arctic. This allows us to see how climate has changed through time, and how responsive these ice masses were. In turn, this will help us to understand what may happen to glaciers in the future.

Tim said: “Climate change is the most pressing issue facing us, and it is both positive and exciting to see the number of young people who are engaged with the issues surrounding climate change.”

Kim O’Brien, founder of Educate Awards, said: “It is with great delight to welcome Tim to the judging panel this year. His expertise will be ideal for many of the categories, including the new Outstanding Commitment to the Environment Award, as schools and colleges are really highlighting climate change awareness in classrooms.”

LJMU has recently set up a new, multi-disciplinary climate change course. This is designed to help educate students on the huge variety of topics which relate to climate change, both from the sciences and humanities.

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