On track at St Sebastian’s

Pupils at St Sebastian’s Catholic Primary School in Kensington ran circles around Educate Magazine on a recent trip to the school.

Despite visiting to photograph Teacher of the Year Jacqui Davies in her classroom, when head teacher Dennis Hardiman mentioned some of the students were dressed for PE, they couldn’t resist the chance to watch last year’s Outstanding Commitment to Sport in a Primary School winners, at the Educate Awards 2013, in action.

The school was given the title at last year’s awards due to the inclusive and diverse sporting activities, both in school and in their extra-curricular programme, which aimed to find a sport suitable for every pupil. However, if they were judged on enthusiasm alone, the young students would surely still be in with a fighting chance.

After showing off their many trophies, the Year 2 group was eager to provide a few action shots, and proceeded to race up and down the school’s fantastic outdoor sprint track, complete with a long jump sandpit.

Getting to see the inspiration behind the nomination is always a privilege, and the afternoon at St Sebastian’s was no exception.

Will any other primary schools be giving them a run for their money at this year’s awards, we wonder?

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