#onekindword campaign

It is coming to the end of anti bullying week, and CPMM Media and Marketing want to share its thoughts on this year’s one kind word campaign.

Why was the week dedicated to raising awareness of bullying? Because bullying is a BIG deal and campaigns like #onekindword go a long way in helping stop it.

Over 45% of young people under 18 have experienced bullying and are more likely to experience mental health issues which can have a significant impact on their wellbeing. That is why this year, in support of anti bullying week, the campaign was #onekindword. We will be reviewing this campaign theme and sharing our thoughts on the different activities that were encouraged throughout the week.

Who supported the campaign?

The campaign was supported by all four nations of the UK:

Anti-bulling Alliance, England, and Wales

Respectme, Scotland

Northern Ireland Anti Bullying Forum

Great teaching resources

Last year there were over 50,000 downloads of resources and this year the aim is to smash that total! Activities available included assembly and lesson plans and cross curricular ideas covering art, history, science, English and many more.

Media Coverage

  • Andy Day from CBeebies took part in this year’s odd socks day, producing a song with his band called ‘one kind word’.
  • Gemma Collins also raised awareness for the campaign on her recent podcast on BBC Radio 1
  • The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made an important statement about bullying this week at Kensington Palace
  • There was a social media toolkit for young people available to download
  • Aim for #antibullying week to reach #1 trending on Twitter to match last year

So, what did we think of the campaign?

Firstly, the theme of the campaign is a great way to encourage young people to spread kindness to others and a start to break the cycle of bullying. It’s a very positive way to try and combat bullying- helping people feel good about themselves when they may be feeling down, rather than a campaign that mainly focuses on speaking up.

Let’s take a look at the activities this campaign ran throughout the week….

Odd socks day

This activity was a day to encourage schools, workplaces, and those at home to take part in wearing odd socks, to express themselves and celebrate what is unique about them. This event was supported by Andy and the Odd Socks from CBeebies.

This was a great way of getting everyone involved in the campaign, especially children in schools, making it a fun way of expressing themselves whilst also raising awareness for the campaign.

Schools all over the UK have shared their odd socks photos on Twitter, here is just one of the fantastic photos shared this week!

Best pet in odd socks

This year there was a competition to see all our furry friends in odd socks! Photos were shared on Twitter and Instagram each day and the winner was announced at the end of the week.

This is another exciting way to get involved in the campaign, especially for all the pet lovers out there – what is more adorable than seeing your furry friend in odd socks?!

Let’s look at some of the awesome snaps shared this week:

Other activities

Kind word stories

This was a chance to share real-life kindness stories, such as acts of kindness or words that you have experienced to spread some positivity online. This is another encouraging way to get everyone involved and show that just one kind word can really make somebody’s day!

Anti-bullying online celebration event

An online celebration took place to highlight the importance of Anti-bullying Week, joined by fantastic speakers and special guests.

Twitter talks

These talks provided insights into anti-bullying hosted by a panel of organisations and individuals. This gave people a chance to learn more and ask any questions they had around bullying.

What a busy week of activities to promote Anti-bullying Week and #onekindword.

At CPMM Media & Marketing we agree that together our actions can power positivity and great communication with a well thought out campaign to reach as many people as possible, is a great way to do this.

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