Phil Redmond

Phil Redmond grew up in Huyton, he attended St Kevin’s school.

He trained as a quantity surveyor before deciding that he wanted to be a writer. He has written for several well known series such as Grange Hill, Brookside and Hollyoaks, he also ran his own production company, Mersey Television.

In 1989, Phil Redmond was awarded the post of Honorary Professor of Media Studies at Liverpool John Moores University and in 2004 was awarded the CBE for services to drama. He is also the Creative Director of Liverpool’s 2008 Capital of Culture.

My School
St Kevin’s Boys School in Kirkby – the school no longer exists, like Grange Hill!

My Favourite Teacher
Frosty Froster – Sports teacher from Grange Hill

My Favourite Subject at School
Engineering Workshop Theory and Practice – I got to work on lathes and forge molten metal which I loved

My Best Friend at School
I didn’t really have one – I was part of a group – which today might be called a gang!

My Favourite Childhood Book
I don’t think I actually had one – but read a lot and loved getting ‘The Eagle’ comic every week – which lead to my interest in Sci-Fi.

Do you remember your first school love?
Yes – but that would be telling and I regard myself as a gentleman!

My views on school dinners
More than we could afford at home – and our group – or gang – learned to like Semolina because no one else did which means we got more.

My favourite childhood singer/band
I had a wide spectrum of musical taste from The Beatles, Beachboys, Bob Dylan – no one real favourite. I go for content not performers actually and from that list looks like they have to begin with a ‘B’ – which in the long run may have led to Brookside.

What my teachers said about me in my school report
Usual – not living up to my potential and wouldn’t amount to much – which reinforces the old saying – it’s never too late to learn!

What were your ambitions while at school?
To have a comfortable life and never have to worry about money – I’m very pleased and privileged to say I’ve done that – but I now know it only comes from 5% talent, 5% luck – and 90% hard work.

Where you streetwise or a geek?
A streetwise geek… If there is such a thing!

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