Plantation Primary School ‘go green’

The Tree Council recently visited Plantation Primary School, in Liverpool, where students learned about the wonder of trees.

The school was visited by Richard Pollard, National Schools Programme Manager, Benjamin Haycock, and Mohammed Amin, two of the Tree Council’s Senior Tree Ambassadors.

The Tree Council has been a registered charity since 1978. They act as an umbrella organization for local groups involved in the planting, care and conservation of trees in the UK.

Crowd of children at Plantation Primary School while man with a guitar sings.

Plantation Primary School have been working with the charity for over a year.

The school has obtained Beacon Status this year, and they have been working hard to try and inspire other schools to join the Young Tree Champions Programme.

A beacon school has notable methods and practices that are brought to the attention of the education service as a whole, in-order for these practices to be adopted by other schools.

Only 14 schools achieved a beacon status this year.

Students got involved in understanding how trees have senses and how they use them.

People sitting down and feeling items.

They then spent the day in Plantation Primary’s own nature reserve.

20 students learnt how to become tree investigators; looking at everything from the size of trees, their foliage, the health of Plantation Primary’s trees, the insects that live on them and the importance of their role in the planet’s infrastructure.

They then went on to discuss why trees are so valuable and what their talents are.

Plantation Primary have also set up a permanent nature trail, which the whole school can use and supports all subjects.

Crowd of students standing in a nature trail.

This year, Planation Primary School will find out if they have retained their beacon status at the Force of Nature festival.

The Force of Nature festival celebrates the wonder of trees and nature. It takes place on 15 June from 1-2 pm.

It will be watched by students and teachers all over the UK and has a host of guest speakers and celebrities.

Plantation Primary are hoping to secure this status for a second year.

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