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Discovery Journals

Discovery Journal

As students return to school, young people may encounter challenges in navigating their academic environment. Those grappling with mental wellbeing issues may find it hard to maintain focus, lack motivation, and suffer from low self-esteem. These challenges can significantly affect their academic performance and overall quality of life.

Discovery journals aim to address this. Each journal is thoughtfully crafted based on the lived experience of individuals with anxiety disorders, with a primary focus on guiding users through their daily experiences in a structured manner. By doing so, these journals assist users in constructing a coherent narrative of recurring events and emotions, facilitating a deeper understanding of their anxiety.

For teens, the goal is to encourage communication and promote honesty; focus on peer interaction and relationships; challenge the effects of social media usage, and much more.

The private journal gets you thinking about your day more than you usually would and gets you to describe your day in an engaging way. You can compare your entries over weeks and self-reflect by finding potential anxiety triggers and track when and where they occur.

Joseph Coelho, The  Waterstones Children's Laureate 2022 - 2024

Poetry prompts – Video series

The Waterstones Children’s Laureate, Joseph Coelho, has announced his smash-hit ‘Poetry Prompts’ will return for a second year on 11 September.

Through weekly bitesize videos – each lasting under 10 minutes – children will be inspired to pick up a pen and start writing their own poem with these fun and engaging resources which teachers can share during registration time. Each prompt is accompanied by free, downloadable resources for schools, libraries and at home to encourage further learning and exploration of poetic form and literacy.

A multitude of special guests will join Joseph in the videos, who will teach viewers different techniques every week!

Following the start of the new series and National Poetry Day, Joseph is set to release the perfect companion book, Poetry Prompts: All Sorts of ways to start a poem. Illustrated and full of tips, tricks and guides, children will be able to craft, perform and enjoy their own creations.

Lessons in dyslexic thinking – podcast

World-famous dyslexic people have gathered for Made by Dyslexia’s inspiring new podcast, ‘Lessons in dyslexic thinking’, which sees celebrities from Sir Richard Branson to Shark Tank’s (US show) Barbara Corcoran explaining how their dyslexic thinking helped them to build their business empires.It doesn’t just feature entrepreneurs. World renowned sports stars, celebrity chefs, extraordinary explorers and inspirational leaders will all share first-hand accounts on how dyslexic thinking has been vital to their success.

The podcast launched towards the end of August to coincide with UK’s exam results aiming to help inspire young dyslexics who often struggle with exams. 94% of parents and students say standardised tests and exams disadvantage or discriminate against dyslexic thinkers. The first season runs for 10 weeks and will feature a line-up of accomplished and influential dyslexic guests, and allies. 

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