Pupil from Rice Lane Primary School shares his lockdown experience

A year 5 pupil from Rice Lane Primary School has written about his own experience during lockdown.

Oskar, who is from Poland, came to Liverpool in January of this year. He did not speak much English but showed a lot of willingness to learn.

His teacher Mr Kendrew hadn’t heard from Oskar since the lockdown began in March, so sent him a postcard to his house asking him what he had been up to, and asking him to get in touch.

Oskar emailed a wonderful piece of writing that reflects what he has felt during lockdown.

“This year, the whole world was attacked by a terrible virus called COVID-19, a virus so deadly that it has been killed by it so far… 400,000 people around the world, in England alone over 35,000 in terms of deaths England, unfortunately, is in third place is more only in Brazil and the USA. For the first time in my life I met such that the world was turned upside down by a virus. All schools, restaurants, amusement parks and even churches have been closed. People are not allowed to go outside, people forced to go to work like my parents must have masks and gloves, parents say that there are huge queues in stores and let one person into the family.

“My sister’s parents wanted to buy the game so that we had something to do when they were at work, unfortunately they could not do it because in the store you could only buy the necessary products every day grandma calls us or everything was terrified when I saw an ambulance through the window that came to the neighbours, the doctors looked like they were dressed in suits. Every day I hope it passes. For some time, my parents have allowed me to go outside to ride a scooter and also go for walks. Today is my father’s birthday and to make a surprise we went to buy balloons. There are a lot of people on the streets without masks and you can have fun with your friends. I hope this is the end of the epidemic.”

Victoria May, senior leadership team assistant at Rice Lane Primary School, said: “We are so proud of Oskar. Our headteacher has been encouraging children to make a diary at the present time in the hope that one day, some of their work may be history and some could even be published – we’re so pleased with this brilliant effort from Oskar.”

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