Pupils take to the streets

Primary school pupils in the Sutton area joined forces by taking to the streets as part of a road safety awareness campaign.

Co-ordinated by local community group Sutton Smile and supported by St Helens Council’s road safety team and Merseyside Police, the ‘Brake’s Giant Walk – 20 is Plenty’ initiative is a UK wide event in schools where children learn about traffic pollution, danger and transport choices.

First launched by Sherdley Primary School in 2015, this year’s event involved Key Stage 2 aged children from Sutton Oak, Robins Lane, Eaves and Sherdley primary schools walking along some of the busiest roads in Sutton accompanied by staff, while brandishing banners encouraging local drivers to slow down, and chanting: “Slow down, 20 is plenty.”

The campaign also aims to encourage parents and guardians to consider alternative methods for the school run – with statistics showing that 50 per cent of primary school aged children are driven to and from school, yet the average distance is less than 1.5 miles.

A spokesperson for national road safety charity, Brake, said: “Average walking trips per person have decreased by 27 percent since 1995, with walking now making up just over 22 per cent of trips in Britain.

“In that time, congestion and air pollution have increased, as have our waistlines, with childhood obesity being described by experts as an epidemic.

“Driving less means there will be less harmful pollution pumped into our atmosphere and children and parents will get more exercise.”

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