Rainford High sends gifts to Ghana

The good news has been few and far between this year with lots of cancelled overseas trips, including the Rainford High annual charity project in Ghana, West Africa.

Every year, a group of sixth form students from the school fly over to work with the Ghanaian charity, Thrive Africa, helping to build libraries across the region of Kumasi and provide reading books to school children who would normally have no access to these types of materials.

Even though the COVID-19 restrictions put an end to their plans of travelling over, the school has still been able to send much needed books and materials in a shipping container organised by the Wigan-based charity, Book Cycle.

Director of science at Rainford High, Richard Spedding, said: “When the GCSEs changed from the old A-E way of grading to the new 1-9 system, we had a lot of surplus text books that were no longer being used. It is great to know that they have gone to a place where they will be valued and that we can still make an impact, even though our students can’t be there this year.”

Principal of Rainford High, Ian Young, said: “We are so pleased that we have still been able to support the charity. This is our ninth year working with the cause and we now have a wonderful relationship with them.

“For small charities like Thrive Africa, which rely on overseas volunteers to keep them going, it must be incredibly difficult. I know the students planning on taking the trip have been really disappointed but with the help of Book Cycle, which has helped transport equipment and resources overseas, we have still been able to play our part.”

The school is also hoping to raise more money over the festive season with a range of Christmas fundraising activities. Every year, the school raises a substantial amount of money for a range of local charities.

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