Rainford High students escape to the great outdoors

Year 7 students at Rainford High recently embarked on three days of activities on the woodland grounds of Castle Howard, Yorkshire, at The Bushcraft Company. 

The aim of the residential trip was to help the new cohort develop practical skills that they can use inside and outside of school. 

This was while also building their confidence around their new peers and forming long-lasting friendships. 

Students had the opportunity to step outside of their comfort zones and participate in a wide range of activities, completely immersing themselves in the wild. 

One activity included tackling a disaster scenario involving a crashed plane of which smoke had erupted from.  

Year 7s had to approach the situation as first aiders, using newfound skills such as teamwork and first aid. 

Students were also taught a range of survival techniques that can be used in the wilderness including how to build shelters and fires. 

Principal of Rainford High, Mr Ian Young, said: “We are pleased that our new Year 7 students had a fantastic time on their residential trip.  

“It is great that they were able to engage with education in a completely different context.  

“We understand that some Year 7s may be nervous about starting secondary school and being amongst new people, so the trip provided the perfect chance for them to get to know each other outside of the classroom and have fun working together to accomplish some exciting goals.” 

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