Reach for the stars

Pupils from Whitefield Primary School, Liverpool take great pride in their partnership with parents which is at the heart of their school’s success.

Headteacher, Nadine Carroll, said: “Parents are central to what we do and we apply our motto ‘Nothing But the Best’ across everything – we talk about the best manners, the best behaviour and about respecting one another.”

“In 2013 we were awarded the national parent partnership award as well as being one of only three schools in the country to be awarded national centre of excellence for inclusion.

“We also have established very successful ‘Fab Dads and Grandads Reading Cafe – a chance for male relatives to come in and read with their child in our library. The children and parents really love it.

“However we don’t just read books – we have fantastic equipment such as ipads,  Kindles and lap-tops which we love to use.

“Whitefield is an excellent school with high standards. Our expectation is that all children will do well and that all pupils will make good and outstanding progress in the time they are here.

“Our aim is to make sure children are ready to tackle each part of their educational journey and that they are well prepared for moving from year group to year group and from one Key Stage to the next.

“I believe that a good start in primary school will help them to be ready for secondary school and for the rest of their lives!

“Most of all we aim to provide a happy and safe environment where children grow as individuals and experience a quality inclusive education. Happy children are active and enthusiastic learners.

“We know our pupils well and we do our very best to make sure each child feels valued, relaxed and listened to.”

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