Results lead to incredible atmosphere at Maricourt

It was a fantastic atmosphere at Maricourt Catholic High School for its GCSE results day. Not only were the school very proud of the incredible results, but also the spirit of the phenomenal young people blew them away. The pupils were just as excited to share their friends’ results, as they were their own. 

Pupils Sophie and Anjelu opened their results together alongside friends Sinead and Olivia, the excitement at seeing a page full of 9s and 8s is a memory that will last the pupils a lifetime.

Parents also soaked up their son and daughters’ achievements with Connie, Tom, Abi, Charlotte and Aofie now looking forward to starting their journey in The Maricourt Sixth Form Centre.

Jasmine Rowe, gained 9s and 8s across the board and is planning on becoming a doctor. Sonny Stewart also achieved 9s and 8s in all subject areas.

Headteacher, Joseph Mangan said: “At Maricourt all our students stand out to us as they are all amazing in their own special way.

“The parents and carers loved being in on the action as pupils received their results, and the school will always be grateful for their on-going support. 

 “We can’t wait to support the students further in The Maricourt Sixth Form Centre as they start the next chapter in their educational journey.

“For those students moving on to new destinations, thank you for being part of the Maricourt history and take our school ethos everywhere you go! #maricourtfamily.”

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