School celebrates in colour

Students at St Julie’s Catholic High School in Woolton are enjoying some colourful surroundings in their new £23M building now that the sixth form refreshment area has been themed.

The area is central to the school in every sense, and the school decided to run a competition among students to choose a theme.

The winning entry from Year 12 student Lizzie Bryce, pictured with head of upper school Lee-Ann Gawley, was ‘The Sunflower Cafe’, and the cafe is now resplendent in a huge mural commissioned by the school showing a sea of golden sunflowers.

Headteacher Tim Alderman was delighted with the result, he said: “This was a great opportunity to engage our students in our magnificent new building. The new facilities offer a superb experience for all students, but those studying in sixth form have particularly benefited from a new cafe, resource centre and common room.

“The name Lizzie chose reflects our Notre Dame heritage and was a favourite flower of our Founder, St Julie Billiart. I’m delighted with the new artwork which looks absolutely fantastic”.

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