Sean Webster – Street Artist/Illustrator

Sean Webster is an up and coming street artist/illustrator who began his art career whist still in school at the age of 14. Now, five years later, he works from his own studio based in the city centre of Liverpool and has a worldwide collector base.

Sean’s style is built up of funk and colour, with lots of silly characters and smiling faces. He creates his work to make people smile, bring communities together and brighten up boring walls and shutters.

You can find his murals mostly in Liverpool, with a few dotted over London and Leicester.

Sean has just created a piece at Strawberry Field and a couple of months before worked with UFC fighter ‘Meatball Molly’ on a picture book, so 2021 has certainly been a busy one for him.

You can view his work on Instagram @SeanWebsterIllustration or on his website

My schools: I went to school at Liverpool College on Penny Lane, very fitting as a lot of my earlier artwork was based around the Beatles.

My favourite teacher: Mrs Hardisty was my favourite teacher! She really gave me creative freedom as an artist and encouraged me to create the work I enjoyed creating. 

My favourite subject at school: Art! Creative, fun and relaxing. As I was working as an artist from 14 (still in school) I tried to finish my work in art class to work on my commissions.

Were you streetwise or a bit of a geek? A bit of both. I knew Liverpool very well but only really went out with my friends a few times. I used to like staying at home drawing. However when I left school and got a studio in the city centre I got out so much more and explored the city.

My favourite childhood singer/band: Paul McCartney by a mile. I live really close to where he grew up and love his story… he was at school when he started to get known for his art form so that really inspired me. Also you can’t beat a good sing-a-long to ‘Hey Jude’… 

My favourite extra-curricular activity: Film club… purely because I was a bit of a rebel and used to sneak my sketchbook in and doodle away for an hour. 

Do you remember your first school crush? I do, but no comment haha!

My favourite book: Favourite book is ‘House Of Secrets’ by Chris Columbus and Ned Vizzini. This book is full of fantasy, mystery and the coolest characters. Reading it throws me right back to when I first read it a few years ago at school. I would recommend.

School dinners: I wasn’t a school dinner guy purely because I used to love a good old packed lunch. Those little boxes of mini Jaffa cakes, a pack of Hoola Hoops and a butty got me through the mornings at school. My only exception was ‘Fishy Friday’.

My ambitions at school: My ambitions at school were to be myself, not follow the crowd and chase my dream to become an artist. The same as now really. The best advice I can give is to trust your gut and throw yourself into your passion, it will pay off – I promise.

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