Sensory garden wins award

Students and staff from Carmel College Foundation Learning department enjoyed an afternoon at the 2018 Archdiocesan Awards ceremony, celebrating winning the Contribution to the Community award.

The college’s sensory garden project received help from Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority (MRWA) Community Fund, Tesco’s Groundwork Fund and Veolia UK.

The year-long project has transformed an overgrown patch of ground on Carmel’s campus and turned it into a beautiful, relaxing space for students and staff to enjoy.

Lauren Molyneux, tutor at the college said: “A lot of schools have a sensory room for students with additional needs, but we thought as we have the room outside why not turn it into a sensory garden.

“We’ve repurposed household waste materials and all the students have taken part in it and will work to maintain it as well.

“A typical day in college can be overwhelming, particularly for students on the spectrum who sense things differently, so for them to have a space that is quiet and peaceful, it makes them feel a lot safer and gives them an opportunity to calm their minds.”

Joshua Palmer, 19, a student in the department said: “I think it looks wonderful. My favourite parts are the doors at the back, especially the red one with numbers on and the flowers in the bath. I feel really cheerful seeing everyone in our garden and I’m happy I helped to make it”.

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