Sixth form pupils excel in health and wellbeing

King David High School’s Excel Enrichment Programme has continued to go from strength to strength, providing students with opportunities for extended learning, leadership and initiative.

As part of King David High School’s programme involves guest speakers and, in the summer term, they were very pleased to welcome Professor Sir Robert Winston to its school.

Last term, Year 12 students participated in a workshop with Healthwatch Liverpool, who report to LCC on mental health and the impact of COVID-19 on wellbeing. Some of the research that this produced was illuminating, and students had the opportunity to discuss their thoughts about the uncertainty that has existed for the last year.

This term some of its Year 11 students will attend a workshop about higher education pathways, delivered by St Peter’s College (University of Oxford).

Dr Dale, head of sixth form, said: “The excel programme for Years 12 and 13 has fostered a greater awareness of social and personal skills to help with the important transition from key stage 4 to sixth form life. Students have been encouraged to come together as a unit and to establish that unit as a community within the school.

“Co-operation, mutual respect, responsibility are at the heart of relationships between students and teaching colleagues which leads to successful transition, good enrichment opportunities and academic success.”

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