Smalls for all!

It’s a big BRAvo to Winstanley College student Rhianna Watt who has been collecting old bras for the ‘Smalls for All’ campaign run by the Against Breast Cancer charity.

Rhianna has been asking fellow students to donate their old bras, which will be recycled by the charity and also sent to developing countries such as Toga, Ghana and Kenya, where bras are too expensive to produce locally.

Over 100 bras have been donated, a fantastic result for Rhianna who is no stranger to running charity campaigns, having recently been involved with The Red Box project against period poverty.

Rhianna said: “Thank you to all the students who have donated, I didn’t think we would get so many! As well as helping women in poorer countries, for every tonne of bras collected, £700 is donated to Against Breast Cancer to fund their research which makes it a doubly important campaign”.

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