Springwell Park Constituency!

Springwell Park Primary School has been getting in to the electoral spirit by holding a polling day for its school council members.

The school hall was transformed into a polling station, complete with ballot boxes and booths from the town hall.

To make the occasion even more official, Years 1 to 6 lined up at the door and gave their name to a member of staff who then marked them off and gave them their ballot paper.

Springwell Park

The school hall was transformed in to a polling station

The children had to vote for a boy and a girl from their class  to stand for school council by marking their ballot paper and then posting it through the ballot box.

Two lucky Year 6 children were chosen as the official counters, who had the very important job of verifying the votes.

After an anxious wait, the final results were revealed in a special assembly at the end of the day.

Congratulations to all the new school council members:

1L Jayda McDonald, Thomas Santos
1R Katie Salmon, Callum Bligh
2C Jayden Evans, Tilly Wallace
2H Jayden Moss, Elizabeth Bailey
3M Jessica Harrington, Connor Walker
3H Mollie Frankland, Mark Robinson
4G Katy Fayer, Matthew McNulty
4H Serena Browne, Philip Sharpe
5JN Abigael Walker, Max Preece
5H Lili Soong, Matthew O Malley
6H Eliza Browne, Jacques Johnston

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