Springwell Park Primary School inspires reading amongst pupils

Springwell Park Primary School in Bootle is continually finding new ways to encourage more pupils to pick up a good book. 

The school’s English lead, Tom Hanlon, looked at what staff can do to inspire pupils to read more. Looking beyond traditional posters and displays on walls, Tom instead chose to transform the school’s Key Stage Two staircase into ‘reading stairs’. 

Each step has had the title of must-read books printed on it. Staff have set pupils the challenge of reading all of these books and ‘completing’ the staircase by the time they leave school.  

Books include: Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll, The 1000-year-old boy by Ross Welford, The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd as well as Malala: My Story for Standing up for Girls Rights by Malala Yousafzai. 

Tom Hanlon said: “At Springwell Park Primary School, a love of reading is embedded into everything that we do. In order to showcase our reading identity, we have transformed our Key Stage Two staircase into ‘reading stairs’. Each text is of high quality and is an incredible read that we know they will enjoy. 

“We wish our pupils luck with the challenge and happy reading!” 

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