St Mary’s Catholic College students go international with three exciting trips 

Students at St Mary’s Catholic College, Wallasey, recently got the opportunity to visit three international destinations as part of their educational studies. 

The first of the three trips was a visit to Poland. Completed in a single day and organised by St Mary’s head of history, Ms Stoneley, the trip was part of a wider project that three Year 13 students are undertaking with the Holocaust Educational Trust. 

Ahead of the trip, students attended two online seminars where they learned about pre-war Jewish life, the Holocaust, and they even had the opportunity to meet with a Holocaust survivor. 

The project will help students explore the contemporary relevance of the Holocaust and enable them to become ambassadors for the Holocaust Education Trust so they can disseminate the lessons learned in school and the wider community. 

Students visited the site of the Great Synagogue, destroyed in 1939, the Auschwitz Memorial and Museum, and the Auschwitz Birkenau site. 

The second trip saw students visit Morocco as part of their French and Geography studies. A total of 30 students and four staff members embarked on a cultural visit to the North African country. 

Organised by the school’s head of humanities, Mrs New, and head of French, Mr Le Normand, the trip was an opportunity for students to visit St Mary’s partner school, Anoushka Elite School, and immerse themselves in the Moroccan culture. 

After a short stay in Casablanca, where students got a glimpse at the third biggest mosque in the world, Hassan II, they headed to their destination, Asilah – the bluest city in the Northwest of Morocco. 

Students got the opportunity to attend shared Arabic, French literature and drama classes as part of an academic programme. Students were welcomed by Anoushka Elite School’s staff and students alike and quickly built strong friendships that will undoubtedly continue. 

After exploring the picturesque beaches and local landmarks, students attended the Lixus archaeological site, the oldest Roman settlement in Northern Africa. 

The trip concluded with students journeying back to Casablanca to continue their cultural experience and enjoy the delicacies of Morocco.  

The third and final trip saw 44 students and five staff members head to the slopes of Pila, Italy. After collecting their ski equipment, the students and staff headed to the mountain to meet their ski instructor. 

Located in the Aosta Valley, known as the most panoramic balcony in the Alps, students explored the ski school of Pila where they got the opportunity to ski on several different slopes.  

Throughout the week, students demonstrated determination and showcased their maturity as they navigated the slopes and improved their ski abilities. 

During the evenings, students got the chance to participate in a variety is après ski activities, including bowling, quizzes and an evening meal at a local pizzeria. On the final evening of the trip students were awarded certificates from ski instructors who shared praised them for their determination, courage and compassion for one another. 

Headteacher at St Mary’s Catholic College, Mr Kevin Maddocks, said: “International trips are a fantastic way to offer our students the chance to experience new cultures and gain a deeper understanding of the world around them. 

“Cultural experiences enable students to engage with artistic, social and philosophical activities that embody different communities. 

“Through international opportunities with our partner schools and other organisations, we support students to embrace new opportunities. Each of the students on both trips represented our school incredibly, and we are extremely proud. The trip to Morocco was partly funded by the Turing Scheme and the impact on the young people has been immense.”

St Mary’s is part of Holy Family Catholic Multi Academy Trust.

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