Star crossed lovers

The Blue Coat School held their 2015 school show, ‘The Wedding Singer’, and proved a tremendous success. Old Blue James Lacey returned once again as the creative director for the show.

“I always say that we should break the mould with our choice of show, and this year’s does just that. Based on the 1998 movie of the same name, starring Adam Sandler, ‘The Wedding Singer’ was given a musical makeover for Broadway in 2006 and toured the UK in 2008. Featuring an original score of brand new songs, and a few recognisable tunes written by Adam Sandler for the film, the show tells the story of star-crossed lovers Robbie and Julia in a 1980s retelling of Romeo and Juliet… like Shakespeare with a perm and a shell suit!” The final night was particularly emotional this year as a number of the students involved in the show will be leaving the school this year, this was their final School Show.
Pictures: Sam Elcock, Year 13 student

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