Stockton Wood Primary opens brand new library

After months of fundraising, Stockton Wood Primary School has officially opened its new library.

The Liverpool school has needed a library for a long time. Two areas in the school had previously been called libraries but they were in-fact intervention classrooms and storage areas for many books that children could not access.

The school worked with various companies to get different library designs. These designs were then shared with Stockton’s school council at their weekly ‘Dojo Winners’ sessions to gather pupil voice. Staff were also asked to vote on their favourite design.

With autumn term’s ‘spooky discos’ and winter’s ‘breakfast with Santa’ sessions, enough money was raised to buy books for the library. The school gained the perspective of pupils about what type of books they wanted. 

Graphic novels, football-themed books about current footballers and a wide selection of books that are diverse and representative of our society were purchased.

Poet and performer, Levi Tafari, officially opened the new library. One Year 1 pupil said it was the best day of their school year.

Stockton Wood’s school council spent time with Levi in the new library. Levi then worked with Year 6 children doing poetry workshops.

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