Strange events at Pleasant Street School

Strange things were happening at Pleasant Street Primary School, Liverpool when pupils turned up for their morning lessons only to see a large purple egg in the school yard.

The police were called and they immediately cordoned off the area. Scientists  arrived to investigate the egg and they held an assembly.

In the assembly the children were told that the scientists would be investigating all morning and they would inform them of any updates.

Later on in the day the scientists were concerned about the egg as it was starting to move and they noticed a large crack in the egg so it was taken in the police van to the university for further tests.

During the course of the day the children conducted their own investigations to write newspaper reports, diaries, recounts and descriptions.

Headteacher Mrs Cunningham, said: “The ‘giant egg’ day was part of an ‘Everybody Writes’ project designed to increase the children’s motivation to write.

“The day was a huge success and the children really enjoyed it. The children all produced fantastic writing and they are still talking about it now!”

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