Successful A-level results at All Saints Sixth Form College

All Saints Sixth Form College students have celebrated another year of successful results!

Once again, there have been huge successes across A-level and vocational subjects which is reflective of continued improvement and success in the college.

In English literature A-level, 80% of students achieved grades A*-C with 20% of students achieving grades A*-B. This represents a 40% improvement on grades A*-C.

In A-level computer science, students achieved 80% grades A*-C with 40% of these students being awarded grades A*-B. This is a 20% improvement (in both categories) from last year.

We have seen another huge improvement in A-level history where 57% of students have been awarded grades A*-C and 29% of these grades being A*-B. This represents a massive 40% improvement on last year’s history grades.

In A-level art, 100% of students were awarded grades A*- C with 67% of those grades being A*-B. This represents a 22% increase in grades from last year in an already outstanding department.

Students studying Spanish A-level, which was only introduced last year, achieved 100% A*-A. This is a significant achievement in the first year of delivering the course.

All other A-levels maintained a positive performance and many, including A-level sociology, biology, business studies and media continued to improve results from last year. Students studying law achieved 75% A*-C with 38% achieving A*-B.

Students studying vocational qualifications achieved 100% pass rate with 46% of all entries (or equivalent) achieving distinction or distinction* grades.

Mrs Lawson, head of sixth form, said: “The results this year are a reflection of a committed and hard working All Saints Sixth Form family. Students have worked exceptionally hard to achieve their goals and it has been a pleasure to celebrate with them today. I would like to thank all staff for going above and beyond to ensure our students have the best possible chances of success.

“This year has brought many challenges and I am incredibly proud of the dedication and maturity displayed by our students. The grades awarded are representative of our students’ achievements and we will do all that we can to support them in their next steps. I am remarkably proud of each and every student and wish them all the success in their future destinations.”

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