Summerhill step back in time for its 50th birthday!

Summerhill Primary School in Maghull went back in time to celebrate its 50th birthday.

Named ’50 years and back to the farm’, the day focused on the school’s rich history and site, which was formerly a farm. The open day included activities such as maypole dancing, pop art, 1960s lessons and lots of music and dancing.

A new school song was launched which included the lyrics ‘Live! Learn! Dream! Grow! Live! Learn! This is Summerhill, let’s go!’

The celebrations ended with a reunion for ex-pupils and staff in the evening.

Yvonne Gleig, headteacher: “Today has been a celebration day of our 50th birthday. We’ve called it ’50 years and back to the farm’ as the original site was a farm many years ago.

“It has been an amazing day as we’ve had so many parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles come into the school and they’ve been able to participate in maypole dancing as well as go into the classrooms and see what the children are doing.

“We’ve had children playing games from the ’60s, they’ve been doing maths like how they would have in the 1960s, they’ve done 60s art as well as forest schools which isn’t exactly the 1960s but is about getting children back playing outside and back to nature. It has been simply brilliant.”

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