Alsop’s solidarity with Italian teachers

Alsop High School has expressed support and solidarity with a group of Italian teachers, as Northern Italy remains on lockdown as the Italian authorities scramble to contain the coronavirus. This week staff and students at Alsop High School will be remembering a group of twelve Italian teachers who visited the school

Students ‘Stand Together’ on Holocaust Memorial Day

Students from Alsop High School and partner primary schools attended Liverpool Town Hall for the civic service for Holocaust Memorial Day. During the presentation, they highlighted how genocidal regimes have marginalised certain groups. They reminded those assembled how people had successfully challenged oppression. The theme of Holocaust Memorial Day 2020 was “Stand

School Improvement Liverpool – Focus on the countdown to statutory status

School Improvement Liverpool (SIL) welcomed over 100 education professionals from across the region to its PSHE Conference. The day had a particular focus on relationships and sex education (RSE), and health education as they become statutory within the curriculum in September 2020. They were joined by Jono Baggaley, the CEO of the PSHE

Liverpool John Moores University – From teacher to student

Sponsored content As the new school year gets underway and teachers up and down the country welcome pupils back into their classrooms, many of us find ourselves reflecting on our own learning and career journeys… After completing an undergrad, and maybe a PGCE/PGDE, our progress as teachers tends to focus on CPD

Return of the College’s Patron Saint

After an absence of four years Archbishop Beck Catholic College are delighted to announce that the statue of the college’s Patron Saint has been restored to a prominent place on the college campus. Visitors to the college will be welcomed in vision, prayer and thought by the statue of St Bonaventure. This