New rules will drive down cost of school uniforms for families across the country

Families will save money on school uniforms from next year, following new legally-binding guidance published by the government requiring schools to make uniform affordable for all. The Department for Education (DfE) guidance means schools in England must ensure that school uniform costs are reasonable, and parents get the best value for money. Research from

New law to make school uniform costs affordable for all

School uniforms will be made more affordable for families under a new law passed by parliament that will require schools to follow new statutory guidance on uniform costs instructing them to keep prices down. The cross-party support for the Bill recognised the costs parents face for school uniform, particularly for branded

Could unused uniforms be heading to landfill?

There are 6.25 million school-age children in the UK according to the Department for Education - and, as the Government begins its plans to get the nation back to normal, millions of pieces of clothing could be heading to landfill. Children - particularly primary age children, of which there are 4.5