The Academy of St Francis of Assisi student’s poem picked for book

A student from The Academy of St Francis of Assisi has been named a Merit Winner for the Young Writers ‘Talent for Writing’ competition.

13 year old Adel wrote the hard-hitting poem last year when he was in Year 7 called ‘Dear the People of the World’ and is an open letter about being a Muslim.


Dear the People of the World,

My name is Adel and I’m a ‘terrorist’,

I’m sorry for all the killing, bombing and kidnapping ‘we’ do,

I know it’s hurting you,

But it’s hurting us too,

Apologising for something we did not do,

I’m sorry the media brainwashed you all,

I know you don’t want to place stress and blame on us.

Do you know what? I am not sorry,

I am not sorry that 90% of the terror attacks are by non-Muslims,

I am not sorry that we created the first ever




And even algebra,

I can go on for days,

Every human bleeds red and we don’t?

The breaking news that we hear every day about ‘Muslims’ is fake.

Dear the People of the World,

My name is Adel and I am a Muslim.


With the help of English teacher, Jen Avery, Adel’s poem was submitted to the Young Writers ‘Talent for Writing’ Competition and was chosen from over 8000 entries to be included in a forthcoming book that features poems written by young people across the country.

This success follows hot on the heels of the Academy being awarded the gold standard Liverpool Writing Quality Mark.

Speaking about the competition, Adel said: “I am thrilled to have been awarded Merit Winner for Talent for Writing competition. I can’t wait to see my poem in the book later this year.”

Jen Avery added:  “Adel’s poem is extremely personal and very emotive. He’s really put his true feelings down on paper and he should be very proud of himself for being a published poet at such a young age.”

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