The Power of Portrait at Our Lady’s Primary

The reception children at Our Lady of Lourdes RC Nursery and Primary school in Birkdale always enjoy their creative learning in school.

They have become very proficient in the art of observational drawings and paintings despite their age. Assistant head and early years lead Helen McMullan felt sure that their skills and passion for painting would benefit the local community. She contacted a couple of local residential homes for the elderly and suggested that they may like to receive a portrait of their residents.

Home Chase House and Locharwoods Care Home in Birkdale agreed and swiftly emailed photographs of their residents for the children to paint. The results were heart-warming as they brought a huge smile to the residents and staff.

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Catherine McDermott, headteacher, said: “Such a simple gesture goes a long way during a challenging time for many who are unable to see their loved ones during the current Covid restrictions. I am extremely proud of our children and the impact they have had on our local community.”

Last January the children invited the residents of Home Chase into school for a special reception wedding as part of their Come and See Curriculum when they were learning about different celebrations that take place in a church. The residents came dressed in their wedding outfits and everyone enjoyed a very memorable afternoon together. The key worker children also sent beautiful rainbow pictures to the residents of Locharwoods Care Home during the long lockdown last summer.

Despite the restrictions, the reception staff are working hard to continue to create further links with the wider community in more creative ways in the coming months.

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