The Spine

The Spine explores what it’s like to be a man in the 21st century and shines a spotlight on a system that promises the world but leaves most young men on the side-lines – the football academy system. Kyle, Liam and Hakeem dream of football, fame, and fortune.

After spending most of their teenager years being the spine of their team, the premier league is now at the fingertips. But could the issues surrounding football that are often kicked under the rug be what’s keeping the boys from reaching for that golden contract?

Years of institutional racism and hyper-masculinity is playing a big part in the game. Will the boys be strong enough to stick together or will they elbow their way to the top? Please note this play is aimed at an audience 13+

20 – 21 February

Prescot Library on Thursday 20 February at 6pm, and at Huyton Library on Friday 21 February at 2pm and 7pm

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