The Studio School offer filmmaking course

The Studio School has partnered with Screenlife Liverpool and the BFI Academy to allow students to complete a 10-week filmmaking course.

This is an incredible opportunity for young people to work with the BFI, a cultural charity and the UK’s lead organisation for film and the moving image and Screenlife.

Screenlife is a story telling format created by Timur Bekmambetov, an internationally renowned producer and director. Screenlife is an innovative way to produce film and content which allows users to tell stories entirely on computers and mobile screens.

The 10-week programme, hosted by Barry Kushner and Robert Awork from Screenlife Liverpool has offered students the opportunity to create short films, pitch them to film executives, work with industry professionals and take their first steps into the film industry.

Students have had the chance to experience all stages of production – creating a Screenlife film from scripting to post production. They have also built key research and planning skills which will benefit many aspects of their future career development.

Student, Emma said: “The project has enriched my filmography and production skills and provided opportunities to network within the creative industry.”

As well as being able to include their films in their personal portfolios and show reels, the films have been entered into an International Film Festival which is an exciting and life changing opportunity for the young filmmakers. Students have also benefited from the chance to complete a Silver Arts Award as part of the process.

Head of film studies at The Studio School, Laila Courtney said: “We jumped at the chance to be involved in this experience. We are passionate about offering students at The Studio School hands on learning and the chance to network with and learn from experts who work in the sector. Our students have loved the opportunity to build their knowledge of film production and achieve an Arts Award. This is a brilliant way to complement their studies of film, games, creative media and more and adds to the unique experience of studying at The Studio School.”

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